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About Us

Our vision at Eastern Himalayas Tea is to enhance people’s lives through the pleasure of drinking tea.

Eastern Himalayas Tea is a family owned and operated tea business dedicated to finding quality organic teas people like to drink.

Tea drinking has been part of our family for generations and it is an
integral part of our family life today.

Drinking tea is part of our everyday routine. It is a pleasure to share
a cup of tea with family and friends.

We want to help you better understand the tea you drink and enhance your enjoyment of drinking tea.

Derek and Trish Hume


Your purchase of Eastern Himalayas Tea directly supports a small tea farming family and their workers. Eastern Himalayas Tea is grown & processed by Bijit and Swapna Basamatary and family, in Kokrajhar District, Assam, India.

Eastern Himalayas Tea has been grown and produced under Certified Organic conditions. No chemicals have been used in growing, producing or packaging this tea. Eastern Himalayas Tea is 100% Certified Organic.