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A tea garden deep into one of the many valleys in these Darjeeling mountains. We thought it was a small tea garden, 5 acres. We heard the owners of the garden were not working the plantation however the employees were producing tea themselves. The 3 gardens owned by the same company has 8,000 acres of tea. There are 1,360 full time employees, the ownership is in dispute between 3 companies, the employees who also live on the estates make and sell tea seperate from the owners. The local magistrate has locked out the disputing owners and is supporting the farm workers making a living. Tea is produced in the kitchens of the farm workers homes. 1,360 little tea production houses. The tea is pooled and sold as a combined pool of tea. Doing it for 3 years. We were met by 15 men and given a very humbling welcome. With expectation in their eyes we were asked if we would buy some tea. We thought their expectation was 100’s of kilos but theirs was a few kilos. It was a humbling day for us.